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About Us

We have a small but dedicated team of developers, marketers and support staff who are focused on providing a top quality experience for thousands of customers on a daily basis.

Our team has grown since 2011 and at the same time we have retained the core and key team members since the very first software product. We also have tens of thousands of customers for our software products and our customer base is as excited today with new releases as they have always been.

The combination of top class traffic and SEO strategies with top quality code and development, regular updates and first class support keeps customers coming back for more.

Meet Anthony

He is a Scottish guy living in Thailand with his girlfriend Wasana, her daughter & his 4 labradors...

Since 2011 he has been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.

His Marketing tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped thousands of marketers and built a hard core following.

His approach to SEO

I look at the major ranking factors for today and create ways to simplify them which usually ends up with an automation tool.
I try to avoid over complicated SEO and every tool we have is designed to be really simple to learn and use.
As far as white hat and grey hat and black hat...It's all against Google terms of service, but there are standards so I guess that I would fall into the grey hat area with my tools which are mainly syndication and backlink software.

His approach to marketing

Email Marketing...
I learned very early as a product creator to not be reliant on email marketing and spamming my list, I only ever promote something if I feel it's a great fit for my audience and if its something I would buy myself.

Social Media Marketing...
Basically find ONE channel or platform that you are comfortable with and get good at it. For me this is twitter and I have numerous twitter accounts in multiple niches where I have thousands of followers but more importantly where I am engaged and join in the conversation. Strangely the only account I do not do this is my SEO account where I have most followers and I avoid it, probably because of the noise and the constant distractions of multiple offers, blog posts and promotions daily.