Core SEO Services That You Can Safely Use For New Websites

Back in 2016, a study was done by Brian Dean from Backlinko which analyzed 1 million search results. In their own words 

“We recently analyzed 1 million Google search results to answer the question:

Which factors correlate with   search engine rankings?”

In their key findings, the number one collating factor was the number of domains linked to content…

Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.”


Yet another study, this time from authority hacker for the same with the number of domains a page receives backlinks from as being the number one factor

Backlinks, measured by the number of referring domains to a URL are still the most strongly correlated factor for SEO success.


With this in mind, we need to figure out how to safely take advantage of this ranking factor and below I have added some low-cost services from Gig sites that I have used myself and that I recommend as safe enough even for brand new sites.

01. Guest Posts From Authority Sites

This is a gig that I am almost certain is used by many people to resell on the same site ( You may notice that there are similar services, usually much higher price point and with less ‘guest posts” as they call them.

What I do with this is when I have an article posted on my blog, then I order this $5 gig to have it syndicated around sites like, Quora Blog, Playbuzz (all 3 mentioned rank well on Google in their own right) and link back to the original blog post with a call to action.

The sites that are used here are high traffic volume sites in their own right too, so you can expect to get traffic from both the sites directly and from search engine traffic!


  • 20 Quality Sites To Use As Referring Domains
  • You Can Request Which Domains To Include
  • I Recommend You Always Use Quora Blog, Medium And Playbuzz
  • These Sites Have Traffic And Also Rank Well In Google
  • He Will Also Create New Accounts For You and Give You Login Details With Every Order
  • You Can Add These Accounts Into My Social Explosion Tool (Pinterest, Quora, Tumblr, Twitter) or Some RSS Xtreme Plugins (Twitter, Tumblr and we will be doing some more for medium and other sites too soon)
  • Great Value for $5.00! - I would Use This With Every Article I Post!

02. Blog Directory Submission

This is a great gig to use for brand new sites.
This service will create RSS feed submission from your blog to Blog Directories like Alltop.
I haven't used this service from this seller.
I will update this post later when I have tested it but it has to be included here as these blog directory gigs are rarely found anymore.


  • Some of these sites may have an approval process, which in fact makes these links even more valuable.
  • These sites can drive traffic too.
  • To Be Updated!

03. 20 Press Release Submission For $5.00

This is a massive value!

Although he will not write the press release for you for 5 bucks it's a great service to announce a new website, a new blog post, promotional offer linking to a landing page or even an affiliate review.

Get as creative as you like for the uses of this but it's a good way to drive traffic and get rankings and from reasonably decent sites that have good SEO metrics and trust.
Personally, though I see this as traffic and PR value more than SEO although it does legitimately add 20 more referring domains at very low cost.


  • Low-Cost Domain Diversity
  • Legitimate Purpose For Getting Links (Not Spammy Purposes)
  • Can Drive Rankings And Traffic
  • Ridiculously Low Cost!

04. Newspaper Links

There are a few services on Fiverr offering similar kind of links, however, I suggest being careful as some are spammy 301 type redirects using a specific URL format to create the links. Those would NOT be good to link to a website directly.This service I suggest using is for UK newspaper links and it's absolutely fine regardless of your location


  • These are from sites with good SEO metrics
  • ​It's an extra 25 referring domains and suitably safe.
  • ​Low Cost For Hard To Find Service


05. Google Analytics, Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up

This is a custom gig that I order from a guy that does 3 key set ups that save me time and as with many people, it saves the frustration of going through a learning curve when there are other things to do.

The Seller @Kevsam will do the following for you:

  • ​Add your site to Google Search Console
  • ​Add To Google Analytics and Connect With Search Console
  • ​Add to Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Integrate this with WordPress.
  • All this for $15 saves you time to get on with your new site set up or promotion or content.

Tell Him That I sent you and you want the $15.00 custom offer for all 3 set up and integrated with your WordPress site.

06. Expired Tumblr Accounts Registered  

There are 3 options on this service for how many Tumblr accounts to re register.

He is advertising it as useful for a Tumblr PBN which it is if you have the tools to post into and that’s where things get interesting.

For Example...

  • You could add these into a membership like syndiwre or syndlab
  • Or you could add into tools like my own Alpha SEO web 2.0 embeds tool (available in many Alpha SEO desktop tools of mine) 
  • Or you could add into tools like Tumblr RSS Xtreme plugin where you choose one account as an authority account and when you make a blog post you can post into that account, the other accounts will come along and reblog within the Tumblr Platform.

This gig offers 230 accounts registered for $60 and with Moz Page Authority of  50+

You can find other services that go as high as PA 65 or 70.

I like this one’s main benefits as being more for the amount of accounts, more than SEO metrics, and the re-sharing as being higher value long term. 

That's just my personal opinion and i use these with either social explosion desktop tool or Tumblr RSS Xtreme.

My Preference would be Tumblr RSS Xtreme as we will be making an auto post option from this plugin for when you post a new blog post on whatever site it's installed, and it will be able to post all or part of it or even with spintax options.

That's still to come and wont be done for a few weeks but can be expected within a couple of months.

07. Expired Domain With Links From Forbes, NY Times Etc 

The goal here is to find expired domains with quality backlink profile and no spam backlinks.

This guy offers exactly that and for $20 (by request for custom order) he will find domains with TF of 30+ and spam free and with links from sites like Forbes and NY Times.Great gig and great price.

You want to 301 redirect this domain to your new site after a few weeks of the site being up. This can be done using my Expired Domain Redirection Plugin which allows you to still access the wp admin to go back and change or remove the redirect at any time later while all public pages and backlinks are redirected to the new site to ONE url (best to use root domain of your new site or category page)

This can generate hundreds or thousands of  backlinks but personally i prefer to find domains with fewer backlinks that are higher quality.

As mentioned in the video, i recommend to build the site using WordPress Alpha in 2 clicks, add some base content and leave it for a few weeks before doing the redirect.

Index the expired domains backlinks after buying the domain.

If you are a WordPress Alpha customer then you can see the step by step set up of this process including how and when to index backlinks, how and when to ping XML sitemaps, how and when to add content, the type of content and how to boost the expired domain to make it far better optimized than it was in any previous version!

Alternatively, I use VidSpy Alpha to find domains within any niche and it works really well for this purpose.

The tool allows you to add multiple keywords and it will search both YouTube and daily motion for broken links and any that it finds, it will tell you immediately if that broken link is from an expired domain and also if that expired domain is available to buy now.

This is a super fast tool and able to quickly and easily find niche relevant domains that have great Moz Trust, Domain Authority and backlinks.

It uses the Free Moz API key and as they have recently limited free version to 2500 searches per month, it best to create several moz api keys in different accounts in order to rotate between your api keys each month if you are a heavy user.

For me Vidspy Alpha is highly addictive and i run it multiple times and this is what I now have to do to keep the tool working well with Moz data automatically produced for every available domain (and social accounts too)

​I also suggest that you check out my current discount offers on the blog to see if VidSpy or any other of my products are available.

This page always has some discount offers available