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This Software Will Allow You To Redirect Expired Domains Properly With Zero Fuss


Includes Access To... RankAttack 301 Redirects Course

Here Are Some Of The Strategy Steps Covered In The Course

How To Find Find Buy Register Expired Domains
Build WordPress Site With My Authority Rebuilding Template
Add Fast Content To Let Your Domain Re-index & Rebuild Authority
Redirect The Domain Or Top Pages To New URL In One Click

301 redirects is a strategy used by SEO's over the years to pack power into their money sites with very little effort.

In fact, I have used this strategy myself very effectively and legitimately when we moved our then SEO agency from the USA to London.

Within a week we found ourselves on page 1 for major keywords with high traffic volumes and this was done by redirecting to the root domain of the new site.

If you go and search on Google for redirect HTML code to add to your htaccess it gets quite a confusion fast and even more frustrating with white hat SEO's dominating the search telling you that you shouldn't do redirects unless its like for like content on the new domain from old.
What a load of B.S!

These are people quoting other people and doing their content marketing and outreach and trying to build a following, and I honestly don't know what.

Is it for follower numbers? to look like a guru? how are they monetizing?

I honestly don't know the answer to any of those questions but I do know this.

Websites, blogs, sales pages can all attract big traffic with and without SEO and those of us that are experimenting, looking for creative ways to get results will find ways that work. and more often than not a white hat SEO would tell you that it wouldn't work.

Let me tell you what I really think

Google is the biggest spammer ever in the history of the web.
They created algorithms that were so ridiculous that it resulted in the very low-value content ranking with stuff like keyword density and that was not so long ago.

Remember those pages you pulled up that made no grammatical sense as people squeezed in their exact match keyword phrases?
The bad news is that similar stuff is still happening today and the days of following the rules "while breaking the rules" haven't changed a bit.

Think about it.
Is it wrong to automate backlinks?...white hats will say yeah it is.
is it wrong to buy sponsored links? white hats will mostly go quietly as most of them do it.

Manipulating links is against the rules
Can't have it both ways, guys!
So here we are, another black-ish hat tool and this is one I'm really happy with.

While doing the RankAttack 301 course I quickly realized that there was a lack of options for people who wanted more control, who wanted quick easy solutions and to know exactly how and what to do in regards of 301 redirects.

So we set out to build a tool that makes it so simple that anyone can do it, and without doubt, frustration or worry that they were doing things wrong or that it would be irreversible.

Domain registrar redirects to me are dumb.

I have always given domains time to re-index, mature and build authority any time that I have done it.

This was confirmed too with other SEO's testing PBN links in the same way.

We then set out initially to do a simple htaccess redirect tool but I didn't feel this was enough.

I felt that more control was needed.

I have a domain myself right now that I wanted to link to this domain but not lose certain folders, subdomains, support desk, and a bunch more stuff and htaccess would not give me that option easily and certainly not in a tool where there would be various levels of knowledge and experience from buying customers.

So what we have created here is very unique.

It will do 301 redirects for any broken links and any page you posted publicly and at the same time, it will not interfere with wp-admin which allows you to come back in and change your redirects or remove them, even at the near domain level.

In other words, it's not irreversible.
This also allows us to do Top page redirects either one at a time or in groups or even category level.

If you buy the Expired 301 Redirection plugin today you can get access to the NEW step by step course that I will record in the next few days as well as the original course which now has the domains aged about 2 months, re-indexed, SEO metrics back up and primed to be redirected to boost the authority of my money site that I redirect to as well as transfer all those backlinks and referring domains.
It's not complicated, it's the right way to do 301 redirects in my opinions and this will be a major part of breaking into any new niche at any time I choose.

As we start to get real customer reviews and case studies the price will jump.
This is a high-value package training, strategies, and tool.
Grab it now while its at the lowest price it will ever be and fast track your SEO to build authority in any niche fast and on demand!


Price Will Be Increasing Throughout The Launch


What Is Expired 301 Redirection?

A Simple To Use WordPress Plugin & Step By Step Course To Rebuild Your Expired Domain, Let It Index & Rebuild Authority First Before Redirection
... This Is A More Powerful Strategy Than Domain Registrar Redirects

How To Find & Register Expired Domains Suitable For 301 Redirects

Watch over my shoulder as i find quality expired domains with relevancy, a good ratio of referral domains to backlinks and spam filtered.

These domains will be at cost price and ready to register immediately and we will register them in a simple way to hide footprints if that is the strategy that you want to use and we will also look at how we can use them legitimately (it's not what you may be thinking!)

How To Find Find Buy Register Expired Domains

Build Your WordPress Site Fast With Your Expired Domain Using My Specially Created WordPress Template

As mentioned above i have a live course on going right now in which i took the opportunity to create a WordPress template specifically for expired domains to re-index them fast and to rebuild the authority on the domains.
This includes a nice clean lite theme, automated internal linking, using tags to help with indexing, RSS syndication and SEO strategies, fast easy content and more.

Build WordPress Site With My Authority Rebuilding Template

Add Fast, Easy Relevant Content To Let Your Domain Re-Index and Rebuild Its Authority

In the course we cover using relevant high quality curation, auto blogging and simple video blogging to rebuild site indexing and authority.

For GURU level customers we are also giving access to my Autoblog Alpha wordpress plugin for simple uncomplicated auto blog campaigns with minimal settings, tech knowledge or experience needed.

Add Fast Content To Let Your Domain Re-index & Rebuild Authority

Get Instant Analysis Of Top Pages From Your Expired Domain To Help You Decide Your Best 301 Redirect Strategies

With The Expired 301 Redirection plugin we have multiple options made simple and that gives us better choices instead of just going with what you may know or your experience level.

Check what the top pages are on your expired domain gives us the opportunity to recreate these pages and then redirect them, redirect on their own or in categories of similar top pages or to do domain wide and broken link redirects all at the click of a button.

Analyze Top Pages With Moz Api Integration To Make Better 301 Choices

Redirect Every Page, Post Or Broken URL That Ever Existed On Your Domain Passing On All The Link Juice To Your Money Sites

Your options for redirecting do not include all and everything as an htaccess domain wide redirect would do.
Instead we have excluded wp admin and some other directories which means you have maximum flexibility and redirects done in a more suffient manner.

Redirect Every Page, Post Or Broken URL To Pass On Link Juice & Increase Referring Domain Links

Or Redirect Only The Best Pages For More Natural Looking Redirects

One of the strategies covered in the course is to recreate only the top pages for the expired domain and then redirect these as a group to any url that you choose.

This can be to your root domain, a specific page or post or even to a category page in your money site or if you want to be more risky with high volume backlinks you can redirect to a blogger, tumblr, or any 2nd tier web propertty.

Option To Redirect Only The Pages & URLs That You Choose To Recreate

Free Autoblog Plugin For Fast Content

Ever got your hands on an Auto blog plugin only to find that you get quickly confused with multiple options and all you wanted to do was simple redirects in a way that you can create guaranteed quality content and have option to just add in an rss fee?
Autoblog alpha was created specifically for this and has two options, to autoblog with summary and link to original post or to autoblog with full content and link removed.
Your choice but its as simple as simple can be to use and super fast to set up your campaigns.

Free Autoblog Alpha Plugin For Fast Relevant Content

Access The RankAttack 301 Redirects Course

Watch me do everything step by step and over the shoulder from buying domains to setting up my wp site, rebuilding auithority on the blog and indexing fast.

All the way through to choosing the best redirect options well in advance and implementing them after the site has matured enough to give it some extra power in the redirect.

Step By Step, Over My Shoulder, 301 Redirects Course

Never Be Confused On How To Do Expired Domain 301 Redirects For SEO Again

Try searching on Google for how to redirect an entire expired domain to a single url and you will be presented with a bunch of white hats all telling you how to use a plugin to redirect one utrl by one for existing posts or just really bad advice from people who tell you to do it at domain registrar level.

The expired 301 redirects plugin is super simple, easy to understand and any doubts and frustrations are gone forever.

No More Doubt & Confusion With Ineffective Time Consuming Redirect Strategies

Roll Back Your Redirects or Change The Destination URL At Any Time!

Worried you made a mistae or want to change the destination url?
Perhaps you created a redirect site for a client who hasn't paid you for your work and your expertise.
Its easy to remove, edit or change any redirect that you do with the expired 301 redirection plugin.

Remove, Roll Back or Change Redirect URLS At ANY Time

Monitor Your Backlinks and Instantly Ping Them

With my specially created WordPress template you can find backlinks linking to your site and ping and index those links on demand.
This is a super powerful strategy for rebuilding the authority of your domain and its fast to set up and implement to happen on autopilot.

Monitor, Ping & Index Backlinks To Your Expired Domain Before Redirecting

Additional Tweaks & Updates will be added to the plugin as we start to use it and start to get YOUR feedback too!

As ever, when we create new tools there is always a period of tweaking, updating and improving and new strategies and features may be added too.

Plugin Will Have Additional Tweaks & Features Added

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Price Will Be Increasing Throughout The Launch


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