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 Watch the Expired Domain Alpha Tutorial below

more strategy videos coming from Upcoming webinars and replays will be posted here.


Expired Domain Alpha is a simple plugin to use as you can see in the video. When you install the plugin and activate the license, then the plugin will populate whatever snapshots it can find from
You can preview and find the snapshot that you would like to rebuild the site from.

When you have chosen the snapshot note the date and choose that date on top options and use the SAME date for both start and end date.

The plugin will start to rebuild your domain when you click start and it will take several days.
The reason it takes time to rebuild is that it is rebuilding the design in HTML, it is rebuilding all internal and outbound links too.

More free tutorials will appear below too as and when we do more blog posts, tutorials or webinars for Private Blog Networks's or Expired Domain Alpha.

You can use your Expired domain Alpha license to deploy sites with WordPress Alpha

1. Go to and sign up
2. When you have confirmed your email it will redirect you to login
3. When you have logged in go to license section in left sidebar
4. Add your license for Expired Domain Alpha

5. You will now be able to deploy sites using your Expired Domain Alpha license ​

6. When you choose from the drop down menu for which template you MUST choose Expired Domain Alpha or you may use up a site install on a generic blog instead.

7. Follow Instructions on Using Wordpress Alpha at the link below

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