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Step By Step Marketing Agency Services Site SetUp (With WordPress Alpha)

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In an evergreen promotion for LocalSitesGo, we decided to run a bonus for people to get a Done-For-You marketing agency website.

This site is fully loaded, the theme looks great. It has 8 marketing agency services listed with fully built-out pages, and as we are using it as a template to deploy with Wordpress Alpha, I have also pre-configured the plugins too.

A major advantage of working with LocalSiteGo local niche sites and landing pages is that they are all beautifully designed using the Elementor plugin, which means that you can use the free Elementor plugin to change or even add any parts that you like.

So let's go through setting up your new marketing agency site using WordPress alpha and I will do it starting from finding an expired domain and then adding that domain into WordPress Alpha.
I will not be covering the API keys needed to use with WordPress Alpha as we have documentation for that in the member area already that you can use to guide you.

What you will need to deploy the marketing agency site if you have qualified for it as a bonus.

  • A Domain Name (I recommend buying an expired domain)
  • A WordPress Alpha “Marketing Agency” template license key (this will allow you to install on one domain)
  • A Digital Ocean Account (We will deploy a $5-month server)

Please note that we have plans to add additional hosting but as it is right now we only have the digital ocean.

(It could be a couple of weeks for the next hosting to be added.)

Step by Step

Here are the steps needed if you have your license key for the marketing agency site. This license key is used when you register for WordPress Alpha.

  • Register at
  • After you register you can login to wp alpha dashboard
  • On the left side is license tab - Add Your license there and that will allow you to use only what that license key is for (the dashboard will recognize the license key and confirm it’s for marketing agency template)
  • You need a digital Ocean to account for hosting to work with WordPress Alpha
  • You can then add API keys for digital ocean hosting ($5 month) - we are adding more hosting options, that's the coders next job... we will try to add Namecheap WHM and Bluehost and some others, etc.
  • You can also add API for Cloudflare, Namecheap, and GoDaddy too
  • Assuming you have API’s added... Choose One Site One Host Option on Left Sidebar
  • Click on "add new site"
  • Add your domain name
  • Choose "marketing agency" from the drop-down of type of site to deploy
  • It will create the site in your hosting with the pre-configured template - Then you can choose DNS (top right of your new domain settings within WordPress alpha) in one click
  • Then you can add https (SSL Certificate) in one click... Make sure that you are logged into WordPress when deploying your SSL certificate, it will log you out and when you log ion again you will see that your site is secure.
  • Now click to update all plugins from within the wp alpha site settings (its faster than in WordPress) and update theme if needed etc
  • Now you can start to work on customizing your site with your own contact details.

Once you have API’s added (only needed to be done one time and when you want to sue WordPress Alpha again to deploy pre-configured sites etc its ready to be used) it takes just 5 mins, and you have a 90% configured website with plugin settings done, extra SEO is done, GDPR, security, site speed optimization, etc all done.