Local Traffic Ripping (LITE)

Hey guys, this is a basic "in a nutshell" look at the local traffic ripping system which is based around building local directory sites with Local Biz Alpha.

We dig much deeper into conversions and monetization in the live webinars which will; be recorded and added to the member area.

However these videos below are the foundation of what we are doing with Local Biz Alpha campaigns.



  • Overview
  • Keyword Research
  • Research With Spamzilla And VidSpy Alpha
  • Local Niche Research With Flippa
  • Research With Successful Case Studies
  • Research With Offer Vault & CJ
  • Fast Pay Networks
  • 4-Click Website & Local Biz Alpha Campaign
  • Automated & Secondary SEO
  • Conversion And Monetization Overview

Local Traffic Ripping (LITE) Overview