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Local Biz Alpha : BONUS TRAINING!

Local Traffic Ripping

4 Webinar Sessions in 5 days!

Monday 16th to Friday 20th September 

"Hey guys we know that we can get rankings and traffic with Local Biz Alpha, that lets us focus on strategy, conversions and making money!...

Join us for 4 days intensive bonus training"

Your Host:

Anthony Hayes

Webinar Start Date:



8:00 PM


What you’ll discover on this webinar:

Day 1 - Monday 16th September (8pm EST)

Niche Selection. Research and Strategy Options

"It's not always the big niches that we need to build sites in, there are multiple strategy options within niches that you might not see yet, this session will cover some of these strategies."

​Day 2 - Tuesday 17th September (8pm EST)

Site Setup, Local Biz Alpha Campaign Setup & Best Practices

"This is a basic walk through of setting up a site with WordPress Alpha (Included with Local Biz Alpha), setting up a campaign and then some extra and very cool strategy ideas for niche testing with dollar domains and get some extra bonus licenses for the "niche testing version" of Local Biz Alpha Plugin!"

We Will Keep Wednesday Free
"But With Option To Create An Extra Q&A Session If Needed!"

Day 3 - Thursday 19th September (8pm EST)

On Site Marketing & Conversion Strategies

"Marketing elements on your sites are covered in this session, some options, automation and with focus on conversions and understanding what conversion goals to consider. This is a hugely important session!"

Day 4 - Friday 20th September (8pm EST)

Monetization, Affiliate Networks & Scaling Your Local Site Empire!

"Ok, so we know that we get rankings for really targeted keywords and therefore targeted audience traffic, this session covers monetization, digging deeper into affiliate networks and some we also cover scaling up your network of sites fast and at low cost!"

Time left until registration closes:


Places on the live webinar are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about conversion rate optimization...