Reverse Engineering The I.M Product Reviews Niche

Affiliate Review Sites Reverse Engineering Overview

IM Product Reviews Strategy Basics

IM product Reviews Ahrefs Insights Part 1

IM Product Reviews Ahrefs Insights Part 2

IM Product Reviews Ahrefs Insights Part 3

IM Product Reviews Ahrefs Insights Part 4

Reverse Engineering Ranking YouTube Videos

Taking Advantage Of Competitors Broken Links

Affiliate Review Site Roadmap


Your Affiliate Review Site Domain

Here are some options for your main affiliate review domain

  1. Choose a domain that has a great name and 301 redirect an expired domain to it for instant backlinks

  2. Choose an expired domain that is from the IM niche and has backlinks and decent SEO metrics (watch the spam score!)

I use VidSpy Alpha to do this


Site Set Up & Hosting

  • WordPress Alpha you can update your sites plugins, themes, core wordpress and add SSL in one click as well as install a pre configured template that I have created.

  • To get access to WordPress Alpha with a license key to install One domain just sign up with digital ocean from this url and send in your receipt to When we confirm your purchase with our digital ocean account referrals we will send you access details and your license key.

If you like using WordPress Alpha then you can subscribe and rebuild Expired Domains As PBN sites from wayback machine, build Local Business Directory sites with Local Biz Alpha and so much more in one click!



Add some initial content. You can use PLR with NOIndex/DoFollow as long as it's quality PLR to bulk up the initial content, and then when ready to use reviews then use my WordPress alpha template for general blogs which has a plugin to help you write reviews in the correct format.


​Core Backlinks

After looking at some of the competition I suggest that we can do this fast and low cost using services from gig sites.Get some links from doc sharing sites, image and infographic sites, PBNs, do some expired 301 redirects (easily done with WordPress alpha too)

Check the Spreadsheet In Resources Below To Get More Details


​Backlink Suggestions Spreadsheet

Includes Web 2.0 / parasites, strategies and tactics as well as recommended gigs services and includes plans for website and video.

To get a much, Much deeper insight I need to do an advanced course which I can't make time for now, but I have developed half a dozen quick strategies that can be used for launch jacking.


Spreadsheets with Ahrefs Insights

  1. AM-Review
  2. GlennReviews
  3. JohnReviews

Recommended Gigs To Rank Launch Jacking Promos

  • Chrome Extension (Will be updated regularly, feel free to let me know oif any gigs become problematic or disappear or suggest your own!) - Coming Soon!
  • Get Added To The WordPress Alpha Recommended Gigs Spreadsheet (We need Your Authorized Gmail with one Click Authorization. This Allows Us To Add You To The Sheet As Its Shared only With Email Confirmation and Not Public Access)

Ninja Tricks

Use Link Cloaker And Change Destination Link Anytime, Which Redirects Your Backlinks

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