Discover the Fastest Way to Build Amazing Pre-Configured & ​Optimized WordPress Websites In ​Minutes!

Top 5 Benefits for You


Plugins Installed AND Configured For You ALREADY! 
... Ready To Start Adding Content In Minutes From Now!

Yep, this isn't just a quick professional looking WordPress website installed in 3-clicks (although that in itself is amazing!) but it also has plugins installed and ALREADY configured for you for SEO, site speed using Ahrefs recommended configuration, GDPR, Analytics, Security, HTTPS and more!


Choice Of Hosting & Other Integrations

We have so far integrated with 2 hosting solutions. Digital Ocean and Bluehost which you can get plans from as little as $2.95 per month! 

You can add api keys for your domain registrar (namecheap or godaddy), cloudflare to help with site speed and security, and hosting.


Advanced SEO Built in
... and Pre- Configured For You Already!

Whether you prefer to use Yoast SEO, All -in-One SEO or the new ( Ahrefs recommended) Rank Math plugin we have them installed with settings done so that you can choose which one you want to use.
There are other SEO plugins included too such as broken link finders, schema plugins, RSS SEO plugin and more!
So, if you don't know how to set up confusing SEO plugins then you no longer have to worry, we have done it for you for every site you ever build in future!


Ready To Start Adding Content
... Saving Hours Of YOUR Time!

Sure, you need to do a few personalized settings like your site title and meta description and some other bits for contact info. Its all rather quick to do while we have already put in the hours of work needed for fast, professional and well optimized websites!

Whether you want to build amazon affiliate sites, adsense sites, blogs, autoblogs, local client websites WordPress Alpha has the corer configurations done and ready for you to tweak and produce in record time!


A Simple 3-Click Solution
... To a Fully Configured WordPress Site in Minutes!

That's right! All it takes is 3 clicks and you're done!

Click 1 - Deploy The Pre-Configured Template To Your Domain

Click 2 - Set Your DNS (Within WordPress Alpha)

Click 3 - Enable and Install HTTPS certificate to make your site secure and even more SEO Friendly

From there just personalize the site for contact, title,l description, connect with Google search console, analytics and any other 3rd party integrations you need lie you would do normally. 
Only this time, 95% of the work has been done and you have a fully configured, mobile friendly, seo friendly, secure and fast loading WordPress site in minutes!

Here's all you have to do to claim your access...

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Here's what you need to do:

  • Open A Bluehost Account Via Our Affiliate Link (​(Click Here))
  • Send in Your Receipt To
  • Once we have confirmed the purchase in our affiliate account our support team will email you instructions to access WordPress Alpha completely free
  • When you have opened your WordPress Alpha dashboard just add your API keys as instructed in the member area and start creating your pre-configured website!
  • Check in the tutorials area for any up coming webinars, stay on ​our email list for notifications of new tools, discounts, webinar training and take advantage of whats on offer.

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