How to Create a Profitable Side Hustle in Just 30 Minutes a Day with YouTube Niche Mining

Do you want to build a profitable side hustle with YouTube, but don't know where to start? Are you struggling to find winning niches and drive targeted traffic to your content? If so, then our YouTube Niche Mining mini course is perfect for you!

In this course, we'll show you a powerful new strategy for finding winning niches on YouTube using CopyVid, ChatGPT, and other powerful tools. With this method, you can create completely new faceless YouTube channels in less than an hour, and start driving targeted traffic and monetizing your content in no time.

Here's what you'll learn in the course:

How To Make Faceless YouTube Videos in Less Than a Minute With CopyVid

You can create videos from ChatGPT scripts in less than a minute. This means you can create multiple videos in record time, and start building out your channels faster than ever before.

Creating Faceless YouTube Channels Made Easy 

Creating new faceless YouTube channels is now easier than ever before. CopyVid allows you to create short form, informational content that works best for building audiences and driving traffic. With just a few clicks, you can create a new channel and start publishing content that resonates with your viewers.

ChatGPT for High Quality Research 

We use ChatGPT for research to ensure speed and high quality research. ChatGPT seeds the topic first before using deep sequencing prompts that ask for specific tasks to be done like video headline suggestions, starter channel ideas, and video script writing.

Keyword Research with The Best Free Keyword Tools

Keyword research is done using Keywordseverywhere and Keywordintent.io to find broad topics, and then ChatGPT drills down into subtopic suggestions. You can quickly create videos and channels on multiple subtopic ideas that take ChatGPT seconds to suggest.

Content Mapping with ChatGPT 

You can prompt ChatGPT to complete channel content mapping in minutes with pre-made prompts. This includes channel about page, video scripts, playlist descriptions, and more. This allows you to quickly create content that's optimized for ranking and engagement.

Setting up Your New Channel in Minutes With the ChatGPT 

Optimized description, tags, and playlist content ready to go, you can set up your new channel in minutes. Use Canva for quick channel cover and video thumbnail design, and you're ready to start publishing content that stands out.

Stupid Simple & FAST YouTube Video Optimization That Works

Upload and optimize your videos with the description, tags, and hashtags from ChatGPT. Include the video transcript for even better optimization.

YouTube Playlist

Create a Playlist Create a playlist and use the playlist description, tags, and hashtags provided by ChatGPT content mapping session. This ensures your playlist is optimized for ranking and engagement.

Easy 3- Minute Video Ranking Strategy 

With SerpAttack Use SerpAttack for an easy video ranking strategy. This does CTR search and click from search engines, and also views videos with high retention settings that you control.

Create a Lead Magnet 

Create a lead magnet using ChatGPT in under a minute. This is a great way to build your email list and generate more leads for your business.

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This course is perfect for newbies, struggling internet marketers, people looking for a side hustle, and those who want to spend less time on their internet marketing journey. We'll provide you with step-by-step over the shoulder videos, prompts, and resources to create a brand new channel every day, and start finding winning niches that you can monetize and build a profitable side hustle.

Ready to start finding winning niches on YouTube and building profitable channels?

Click the link below to access our free mini course and start using the power of CopyVid, ChatGPT, and other powerful tools to create high-quality, targeted content that drives traffic and generates leads for your business.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build a profitable side hustle with YouTube – sign up now and start building your success today!